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Biden Administration launches Roadmap to Invest Billions in Rural Infrastructure

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

The Biden administration has launched its “roadmap for delivering opportunity and investments in rural America” as part of its Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will invest billions of dollars in rural areas across the United States while creating millions of jobs.

The bipartisan Infrastructure Law Rural Playbook will help rural communities access funds to commence important projects like expanding broadband and improving roads. The law paves the way for the government to invest over $44 billion over the next five years in transportation in rural areas.


"The fact that rural communities have been under-recognized and under resourced for years is something that we can and must do something about," Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg noted in Tell City, Indiana, while discussing a $1.6 million grant to make improvements at the city’s port on the Ohio River.

The law has also earmarked $65 billion for broadband expansion programs to bring internet access to rural communities across the country, improving education and business opportunities in these areas.

This law will invest heavily in providing potable water and basic sanitation to every home, upgrading electricity and transmission infrastructure, and creating good-paying jobs.



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